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Our Alumni Network

Our global alumni network spans across 150 countries. Each student who graduates from Shelford University becomes an automatic member of Our Alumni Community. Shelford University creates a lifelong relationship with its alumni and develops a strong network with students. Shelford University’s global alumni community interacts, communicate and help each other in achieving academic and career goals. Our alumni community is very efficient, rich and diverse. Our students and alumni can interact with each at different events, gathers and online sessions held frequently.

Employer Satisfaction Survey 2014

Employer satisfaction survey was conducted by a leading research firm, measuring the level of satisfaction of employers regarding graduates of different regional and international universities. Shelford University graduates were ranked among top 5 universities producing the best professionals who are career ready.

  • Shelford92% employers said that Shelford graduates meet or exceed expectations
  • Shelford86% employers said that Shelford graduates exceed expectations
  • Shelford98% of the employers are willing to hire another Shelford graduate
  • Shelford
    74% employers rated Shelford graduates’ job performance as good as or better than other graduates
  • Shelford97% employers said that Shelford graduates were well prepared for their careers

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