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Shelford University offers a highly flexible and convenient way to achieve your academic qualification. Students and workings adults can enroll in diverse academic programs and professional schools of their choice. Shelford University provides students a 24/7 access to academic resources and student support counselors to answer queries and concerns.

Reasons to Choose Shelford University

  • Scholarship Program You can easily qualify for scholarship program. More than 90% of the students applying for scholarship qualify easily. Read More
  • Student Services Once you have enrolled with us, we will be able to provide you student services round the clock. Read More
  • Credit Transfer You may qualify for a credit transfer at Shelford University if you have successfully completed, in full or part time study. Read More
  • Alumni Network Every student who graduates from Shelford University becomes an automatic member of our Alumni Community. Read More
  • Accreditation & memberships All our academic programs offered at Shelford University are fully accredited by prestigious accreditation bodies and councils. Read More
  • Financial Assistance Shelford University offers a wide range of flexible payment options and scholarship grants to make your education more affordable Read More

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